The Consortium for Sexuality Studies (CSS) is a research intensive and service provision creator which delivers benefits to the community and shapes policy. As an exemplar of public engagement it will maximise the impact of research that is both excellent and innovative. Through its participatory action ethos it will contribute to increasing employability and enhancing the knowledge economy.
The CSS will:
• Strengthen strategic partnerships
• Develop research on sexuality studies and encourage innovation in service delivery
• Work with external partners to provide high value professional services
• Work collaboratively to enhance the health and wellbeing citizens
• Work collaboratively to produce positive social change
• Enhance community participation in project work
• Enhance student participation in project work and student experience
• Contribute to the knowledge economy
• Develop research and practice-driven teaching
• Demonstrate a strong international reputation

This work will be supported by:
• An effective communication and public engagement strategy
• A research culture that encourages the sharing of innovative ideas and potential solutions
• The creation of an open innovative environment where academics, practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers can develop and deliver services and products
• Collaborative funding applications to carry out research and implement services that focus on identified need and outcomes that make for positive social change
• Adopting an impact driven approach to research and service delivery