The Consortium for Sexuality Studies (CSS) was created by Dr Tracey Sagar and Debbie Jones who have jointly carried out many research projects that combine service delivery/ seek to develop service delivery, as well as inform policy and practice on the issue of sex work. Since 2008 Tracey and Debbie have collaborated with organisations/agencies and front line professionals to make positive changes to the lives of sex workers.

Tracey and Debbie also work alongside a wide range of service providers and policy makers to address human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Most recently they have sought to push forward research and service development in the area of sex and the life course. In particular they are working to meet the sexuality needs of an ageing population and to raise awareness about sexuality rights, to provide sexual health education and to challenge stigma which is far too often associated with sex and older people.

The vast majority of Tracey and Debbie’s research and service development work has been funded by the Big Lottery in Wales. The development of the CSS was also funded by the Big Lottery Innovation Fund. Tracey and Debbie are incredibly grateful to the Big Lottery for supporting the development of the CSS.

The development of the CSS however is a venture shared with a team of experts and professionals who are members of the Consortium’s ‘Advisory Board’. All members of the board have the knowledge, skills and experience to guide the work of the Consortium as it engages with a myriad of sensitive and complex sexuality issues. Full details of Advisory board can be found on the ‘board members’ page on this website.


August 30th, 2018

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